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Donald Trump has tweeted about the Oscars a lot

Donald Trump has tweeted about the Oscars a lotDonald Trump wasn’t watching the Oscars on Sunday night. Instead, the president hosted the Governors’ Dinner at the White House, the first major social gathering of his administration since the inaugural galas.

Philippines condemns 'barbaric beheading' of German hostage

Philippines condemns 'barbaric beheading' of German hostageBy Manuel Mogato MANILA (Reuters) - The Philippines and Germany condemned on Monday the beheading of an elderly German captive by Islamic State-linked Abu Sayyaf militants who posted a video of the killing after a deadline for a $600,000 ransom passed. The video showed a machete-wielding militant behead Jurgen Kantner. Jesus Dureza, presidential adviser on the Philippine peace process, said officials had exhausted all efforts to save Kantner, 70, who was held on the tiny southern island of Jolo.

Malaysian officials run into N. Korean's diplomatic immunity

Malaysian officials run into N. Korean's diplomatic immunityTOKYO (AP) — Malaysian police investigating the killing of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un's estranged half brother believe they know somebody who might help them solve one of the most bizarre murder mysteries they have ever faced. They know his name, his nationality and have a pretty good idea where he's holed up.

US urges Russia to 'immediately' observe Ukraine ceasefire

US urges Russia to 'immediately' observe Ukraine ceasefireThe United States called on Russia Sunday to "immediately" observe the ceasefire in Ukraine, accusing combined Russian and separatist forces of targeting international monitors. "We call on Russia and the separatist forces it backs to immediately observe the ceasefire, withdraw all heavy weapons, and allow full and unfettered access to the OSCE monitors," the State Department said. State Department spokesman Mark Toner said the United States was closely monitoring growing violence in eastern Ukraine and the failure of the combined Russian and separatist forces to abide by a ceasefire agreed to two years ago in Minsk.

Elon Musk and SpaceX Are Sending Two Mystery People To Space

Elon Musk and SpaceX Are Sending Two Mystery People To SpaceElon Musk announced Monday that SpaceX would be sending two private citizens to space in 2018.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S3, Galaxy Book 10 and Galaxy Book 12: Everything you need to know

Samsung Galaxy Tab S3, Galaxy Book 10 and Galaxy Book 12: Everything you need to knowSamsung fans, prepare to be disappointed. The company's big MWC 2017 press conference is about to begin, but we met with Samsung last week and we already know everything the company plans to unveil on stage on Sunday in Barcelona. When the show is over in an hour or so, you will be disappointed. I'm not suggesting the three new devices Samsung is about to unveil are bad devices. In fact, quite the opposite: I've spent time with the brand new Galaxy Book 12, Galaxy Book 10 and Galaxy Tab S3, and they're all impressive gadgets in their own right. But Samsung fans around the world have been eagerly awaiting one announcement in particular — the Galaxy S8 and the Galaxy S8+ — and they'll still be waiting once today's press conference has come to a close. It's a shame, but it's not entirely unexpected considering all of the leaks and rumors up to this point. Samsung isn't expected to take the wraps off its new flagship smartphone duo until late March ahead of they're April 21st release. In the meantime, you've got three fresh new Samsung devices to fawn over, and we'll give you your first taste of the Galaxy Book 12, Galaxy Book 10 and Galaxy Tab S3 right here. Samsung on Sunday unveiled not one, not two, but three brand new tablets. The first is a new high-end Android slate called the Galaxy Tab S3 that will go head to head with Apple's iPad Pro. Rounding out the company's new lineup for the first half of 2017 is the high-end Galaxy Book 12 and the mid-range Galaxy Book 10, two Windows 10 hybrid devices that marry the productivity and versatility of a laptop with the portability of a tablet. bgr-samsung-galaxy-tab-s3-1 Beginning with the Galaxy Tab S3, Samsung has undoubtedly turned up the heat on its hardware. This premium tablet features a design that is very similar to Samsung's flagship smartphones. Glass front and back panels are fixed to a metal mid-frame, and the result is a device that feels just as high-end as an iPad. The Galaxy Tab S3 is an Android 7.0 Nougat tablet powered by a quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor. The display is a QXGA AMOLED screen that measures 9.7 inches diagonally, and it's absolutely stunning. bgr-samsung-galaxy-tab-s3-4 Other highlights from the specs include a 13-megapixel rear camera, a 5-megapixel front-facing camera, 4GB of RAM, 32GB of storage, microSDXC support up to 256GB (up to 2TB, really, but the largest available cards right now are 256GB), integrated 4G LTE connectivity, and a large 6,000 mAh battery with fast charging support and a USB Type-C connector. The Tab S3 also includes a next-generation S Pen in the box, though it's a standalone stylus that isn't stored internally like it is on Note series tablets. Changes this time around include an even more paper-like writing experience thanks to a new rubber tip, and new tilt detection that widens strokes when you tilt the pen as you write or draw. bgr-samsung-galaxy-book-10-2 Next up is the Samsung Galaxy Book 10, the lesser of the two new Windows 10 devices Samsung unveiled on Sunday. It's a mid-range Windows 10 hybrid tablet that is docked in a keyboard cover, and it includes a Galaxy suite of software on top of Windows 10 that includes things like Samsung Flow — the company's response to Apple's Continuity features — as well as a few apps that make use of the S Pen. Again, Samsung's Galaxy Book devices feature support for the company's new S Pen, which is included in the box but is not stowed in any slot on the tablets. The Galaxy Book 10 features a 7th-generation Intel Core m3 processor and a 10.6-inch LCD display with 1080p resolution. Other spec highlights include integrated 4G LTE connectivity, a 5-megapixel front-facing camera, 4GB of RAM, either 64GB or 128GB of internal storage, microSDXC support and up to 10 hours of usage per charge. bgr-samsung-galaxy-book-12-4 The higher-end Galaxy Book 12 features a 7th-generation Intel Core i5 processor clocked at 3.1GHz, an absolutely gorgeous 12-inch 3:2FHD+ AMOLED display with a pixel density of 216 ppi, a 13-megapixel rear camera, a 5-megapixel front-facing camera, either 4GB of RAM with a 128GB SSD or 8GB of RAM with a 256GB SSD, up to 10.5 hours of usage per charge, and a beautiful case that is just 7.4mm thick. Of note, both Galaxy Book models support all of the S Pen features from the Galaxy Note 7. bgr-samsung-galaxy-book-12-2 Samsung's tablet lineup for the first half of 2017 is impressive indeed, and I'm looking forward to spending more time with them all once review units become available. Sadly, I have no idea when that might be — Samsung isn't announcing anything at this point with regard to pricing or release timing.

People of Al-Bab in Syria tell of last days under IS

People of Al-Bab in Syria tell of last days under ISAl-Bab (Syria) (AFP) - In the days before the Islamic State group's Syrian bastion Al-Bab fell, Umm Abdo's family sheltered underground both from the bombing and from jihadists themselves looking for somewhere to hide. "Each time they (IS) found a family in a basement, they'd chase them out so they could take their place," the veiled and abaya-wearing Umm Abdo told AFP. At Umm Abdo's side, her three other children appeared to have regained some of their composure.

School seminar near Chicago sparks civil rights, race debate

School seminar near Chicago sparks civil rights, race debateWINNETKA, Ill. (AP) — When a largely white public school nestled in Chicago's wealthiest suburbs planned a daylong civil rights seminar, it drafted two National Book Award winners as keynote speakers and crafted a syllabus that would be the envy of most liberal arts colleges.

Why did a Fox News program host a Swedish national security commentator who is unknown in Sweden?

Why did a Fox News program host a Swedish national security commentator who is unknown in Sweden?On a Thursday segment of Fox News' "The O'Reilly Factor," host Bill O'Reilly directed a debate over crime and immigration in Sweden. On one side of the issue was a Swedish newspaper reporter Anne-Sofie Naslund, who argued against the notion that immigration was making her country dangerous. On the other side was a man named Nils Bildt, who was identified onscreen and verbally as a "Swedish defense and national security advisor."

'Ring of fire' solar eclipse will blaze across the Southern Hemisphere

'Ring of fire' solar eclipse will blaze across the Southern HemisphereA "ring of fire" eclipse will be visible from the Southern Hemisphere on Sunday morning, although anyone can catch the spectacle live via the space site Sunday's solar phenomenon is known as an annular eclipse. It happens when the moon slides in between the sun and the Earth but doesn't completely block the sun, as would a total solar eclipse.  SEE ALSO: This weekend you can see a lunar eclipse and a comet Instead, a thin, fiery ring of the sun's edges blaze like an iris on an enormous, menacing eye. ring of fire #eclipse live from #Chile WOW :) — David Fiacchini (@naturaetratio) February 26, 2017 Skywatchers will catch the best view in Chile and Argentina in South America, as well as Angola, Zambia and the Democratic Republic of Congo in Africa and parts of Antarctica, reported.  We'll track the #eclipse from start to finish from Chile and South Africa, bringing the full experience to you — Slooh (@Slooh) February 25, 2017 These countries align with the "path of annularity," a zone where the moon casts its shadow on Earth that ranges from 18 miles to 55 miles wide. BONUS: Mesmerizing footage shows the total solar eclipse traveling over Southeast Asia

Pakistan airline says investigating report of overloaded flight

Pakistan airline says investigating report of overloaded flightBy Saad Sayeed ISLAMABAD (Reuters) - Pakistan International Airlines said on Monday that it was investigating reports that more passengers than the maximum allowed had traveled on an international flight, adding it launched disciplinary measures against the crew. "It is not possible for anyone to travel like that in an aircraft, regardless of the duration of the flight," Danyal Gillani. PIA is committed to ensure the safety of the passengers and cannot allow any incident to happen which compromises safety," Gillani said.

Brazil's Carnival 2017: A week-long celebration of parades and street parties

Brazil's Carnival 2017: A week-long celebration of parades and street partiesRevelers all over Brazil are gearing up for parades, balls and street parties during Carnival week celebrations. Rio de Janeiro’s Carnival parade is world famous for the samba dancing, costumes that leave little to the imagination and the magnificent floats that roll down Avenida Marques de Sapucai, also known as the “sambadrome.” Sao Paulo will also have its main samba schools taking their floats to their sambadrome. Brazilians living through two years of steep recession and nearly 13 percent unemployment have grasped this year’s carnival as a chance to let off steam.

911 call: Bar shooting suspect said he'd killed 'Iranians'

911 call: Bar shooting suspect said he'd killed 'Iranians'OLATHE, Kan. (AP) — A bartender at the restaurant where a man was arrested last week for an apparently racially motivated bar shooting of two Indian men told a 911 dispatcher that the suspect admitted shooting two people, but described them as Iranian.

Trump Budget Plan Won't Touch Medicare, Social Security

Trump Budget Plan Won't Touch Medicare, Social SecurityThe president goes before a joint session of Congress Tuesday, and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says he has nothing to talk about except how he has struck fear into people's hearts.

LG G6 hands-on: 42 days at the top

LG G6 hands-on: 42 days at the top

I can't see the future, but I have been doing this long enough to know a thing or two. For example, I know a gorgeous new flagship smartphone when I see one, and there's absolutely no question that the LG G6 is a gorgeous flagship smartphone. Inside and out, the all-new G6 is an impressive feat of engineering, packing a huge 5.7-inch Quad HD+ display with an 18:9 aspect ratio into a phone that measures 148.9 x 71.9 x 7.9 mm. To put that into perspective, the G6 stuffs a display that's larger than the 5.5-inch screen in the iPhone 7 Plus into a phone with a footprint that is barely bigger than the iPhone 7, which is equipped with a 4.7-inch display.

Of course, I have also been doing this long enough to know that some things are inevitable. As impressive as the LG G6 design is, and as nifty as its new features might be, this phone will be living on borrowed time from the moment it's released.

At the time of this writing, neither LG nor Samsung had announced release dates for their upcoming new flagship smartphones. That said, recent leaks from trustworthy sources suggest that LG plans to release the LG G6 on Friday, March 10, and Samsung plans to release the new Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ on Friday, April 21st. When the LG G6 is released on March 10th, it will undoubtedly be the best Android smartphone the world has ever seen. Sadly, the G6 will be dethroned just 42 days later when the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ are released in late April.

That gives LG exactly 42 days at the top before the phone is steamrolled by Samsung. As impressive as the LG G6 is, we already know that the phone will be no match for the Galaxy S8, or for the marketing behemoth behind it.


LG unveiled its next-generation G6 flagship phone on Sunday during a press conference at the Mobile World Congress trade show in Barcelona, Spain. The G6 is the first flagship phone of 2017 from a top global smartphone vendor, and it raises the bar in every way. The new phone also gives us a preview of what we can expect from other top global smartphone vendors this year — namely, a big, beautiful display stuffed into a smartphone that is much smaller than the phablets of years past.

In 2017, phone makers have finally managed to shrink down the bezels that surround smartphone screens so that the large displays people love can fit into phones people can actually use with one hand. The best phones in the world are phablets, after all, but it'll be nice to my phone in my jeans pocket once again.

In the case of the G6, the display is a stunning 5.7-inch Quad HD+ screen that LG calls a "FullVision" display. It has an 18:9 aspect ration which is the new norm in 2017 according to rumors surrounding other flagship smartphones set to hit the market this year, and it might just be the most stunning LCD display ever used in a smartphone. The clarity is incredible, the colors are bold and vivid, and the contrast is as close to perfect as I've seen.

While 18:9 might become the industry standard this year, another important piece of the G6 puzzle is anything but standard in 2017: The processor.

LG knew it needed to beat Samsung to market this year, and that meant compromising in a few key areas. Chief among them is the Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 processor that powers the G6. It's a fantastic mobile processor, as we all know, but the upcoming Snapdragon 835 is better in every way. It's smaller, it's more efficient, and it's more powerful than its predecessor. Unfortunately, it wasn't available when LG began developing the G6, and the company knew that delaying the phone and launching alongside the Galaxy S8 simply was not an option.

In case you're wondering, yes, the Snapdragon 835 is indeed the next-generation chipset that will power the US version of Samsung's upcoming Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+.


On the plus side, LG worked with Qualcomm to narrow the gap a bit between the Snapdragon 821 and the upcoming new Snapdragon 835. For example, LG's G6 supports both Dolby Vision and HDR 10, and it also features next-generation electronic image stabilization and smooth zoom during 4K video recording that isn't found on any other phone with an 821 chip.

The G6 features a dual 13-megapixel rear camera setup that enables 2x optical zoom just like Apple's iPhone 7 Plus. I didn't get a chance to thoroughly test it during the time I spent with the phone last week, but the camera app is stuffed with new features that I can't wait to explore when I review the phone.

Other highlights from the G6's specs list include a large 3,300 mAh battery that supports Quick Charge 3.0 and wireless charging. The battery is embedded and is no longer removable like the one in last year's LG G5, but the reason for the change is sound: LG's G6 is IP68 rated for water resistance. That means the phone can survive being submerged under 1.5 meters of water for up to 30 minutes, and it puts the G6 on par with flagship phones from Apple and Samsung.


We'll have plenty more to share in our upcoming full review of the LG G6. In the meantime, pricing and a release date should be announced very soon by LG's carrier partners in the US. While nothing is official yet, you can expect the phone to be released on March 10th after a brief preorder period, and it should be priced in line with the iPhone 7 and Galaxy S7. That's right — despite its huge 5.7-inch screen, the phone should be competitive with where the smaller iPhone 7 and Galaxy S7 were at launch.

Here are the full LG G6 specs as provided by LG:

  • Chipset: Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 821 Processor
  • Display: 5.7-inch 18:9 QHD+ FullVision Display (2880 x 1440 / 564ppi)
  • Memory: 4GB LPDDR4 RAM / 32GB UFS 2.0 ROM / MicroSD (up to 2TB)
  • Camera:
    • Front 5MP Wide (F2.2 / 100°)
    • Rear Dual: 13MP Wide (F2.4 / 125°) / 13MP Standard OIS 2.0 (F1.8 / 71°)
  • Battery: 3,300mAh (embedded)
  • Operating System: Android 7.0 Nougat
  • Size: 148.9 x 71.9 x 7.9mm
  • Weight: 163g
  • Network: LTE-A 3 Band CA
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi 802.11 a, b, g, n, ac / Bluetooth 4.2 BLE / NFC / USB Type-C 2.0 (3.1 compatible)
  • Colors: Black / Platinum
  • Other: Water and Dust Resistant / Fingerprint Sensor / UX 6.0 / Dolby Vision™ / HDR10 / Qualcomm Quick Charge™ 3.0

Iran's Rouhani to run for second term: vice-president

Iran's Rouhani to run for second term: vice-presidentIran's President Hassan Rouhani has decided to run for re-election in May, the vice-president for parliamentary affairs said on Sunday, according to state news agency IRNA. "In recent weeks, Mr Rouhani has reached a conclusion to take part in the presidential elections," Hosseinali Amiri told reporters. Rouhani, a 68-year-old moderate who has pushed for greater social freedoms and improved ties with the West, has been widely expected to run for a second term but has yet to formally announce his candidature for the May 19 election.

Authorities investigate killing of hippo at El Salvador zoo

Authorities investigate killing of hippo at El Salvador zooSAN SALVADOR, El Salvador (AP) — El Salvador's widespread violence reached an unexpected corner with the brutal and fatal beating of the national zoo's beloved hippopotamus Gustavito.

Man Who Pleaded Guilty to Murdering 15-Month-Old Baby Gets 60 Years in Prison

Man Who Pleaded Guilty to Murdering 15-Month-Old Baby Gets 60 Years in PrisonKyle Parker was sentenced to 60 years after acknowledging he kidnapped and killed a relative's baby.

Turkey-backed Syrian rebels clash with army in north

Turkey-backed Syrian rebels clash with army in northBy Tom Perry and Humeyra Pamuk BEIRUT/ISTANBUL (Reuters) - Turkey-backed Syrian rebel groups clashed with government forces near a city in northern Syria that the rebels recently captured from Islamic State, sources on both sides said, the second such confrontation in the region this month. The fighting late on Sunday took place in an area where the sides are waging separate campaigns against Islamic State. Russia, which backs the Syrian government, mediated to bring an end to the confrontation, according to a source in the military alliance fighting in support of President Bashar al-Assad.

Guy quits his crappy job in the best way possible

Guy quits his crappy job in the best way possibleSometimes, you need to go out with a bang. Or a flush. Giving two weeks is a pretty standard practice when employees move on from their current job. It allows the company a short amount of time to search for a replacement, and gives the employee an opportunity to leave on good standing. You never know when you may need that reference — or worse, when you may need your old job back. While most people quickly Google "two-week notice letter" and follow a pretty standard form, this guy decided on a different method. SEE ALSO: Lucky woman wins lottery days after quitting her job According to his wife, Redditor Girlofgodsbadday, this dude decided to quit his job by writing his two-week notice on a few sheets of toilet paper.  "I have chosen this type of paper for my 2 week resignation as a symbol of how I feel this company has treated me, and ironically, how it is disposed of is where I feel the company is going," the letter reads. Just in case the message wasn't clear, he drew a toilet next to where he signed his name. While he didn't use the term "ironically" properly, we're going to give him a pass because handing that over to any boss takes some serious guts. BONUS: A new way to take selfies — and six other features the iPhone 8 might have

The Cutest Couples From the 2017 Oscars

The Cutest Couples From the 2017 OscarsChrissy Teigen and John Legend are couple goals on The Oscars red carpet. Check out all of our favorite couples looking hopelessly in love at Hollywood's biggest night.

The Latest: 3 dead, 2 injured as plane hits California homes

The Latest: 3 dead, 2 injured as plane hits California homesRIVERSIDE, Calif. (AP) — The Latest on a small plane that crashed into homes in Southern California (all times local):

Nokia 6 Arte Black Vs. Nokia 5 Vs. Nokia 3 Specs Comparison

Nokia 6 Arte Black Vs. Nokia 5 Vs. Nokia 3 Specs ComparisonHere’s a side-by-side specs comparison for all three of HMD’s new smartphones.

With Trump at helm, US takes seat at UN rights council

With Trump at helm, US takes seat at UN rights councilThe United States will on Monday claim its seat at the UN Human Rights Council under the new presidency of Donald Trump, whose election has provoked deep concern over the body's future. Over its 11-year history, the council has come in for criticism, including allegations that it has, at times, been co-opted by rights abusers who push resolutions attacking their geopolitical rivals, with genuine rights issues marginalised. Many of the issues prioritised by Obama's UN envoys -- including violations in North Korea, Myanmar, Sri Lanka and South Sudan -- will remain on the agenda when the council opens its main annual session in Geneva on Monday.

Buoyed centrist alliance, Macron seen beating Le Pen in French runoff

Buoyed centrist alliance, Macron seen beating Le Pen in French runoffFrench independent candidate Emmanuel Macron would easily beat far-right leader Marine Le Pen in the second round of the country's presidential election in May, two opinion polls showed on Sunday. The pollsters said Macron has been buoyed by the alliance announced this week with centrist politician Francois Bayrou, which has enabled him to move ahead of conservative candidate Francois Fillon. A poll by Odoxa/Dentsu-Consulting showed 39-year-old Macron, a former economy minister running without the support of any traditional political party, would beat Le Pen in the runoff with 61 percent of the vote, versus 39 percent for her.

Saudi king visits Malaysia as he begins Asia tour

Saudi king visits Malaysia as he begins Asia tourKUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia (AP) — Saudi King Salman arrived in Malaysia on Sunday to kick off a multi-nation tour aimed at boosting economic ties with Asia.

Mom Arrested After Allegedly Leaving 3-Year-Old in Supermarket Parking Lot

Mom Arrested After Allegedly Leaving 3-Year-Old in Supermarket Parking LotPolice searched for the mom for 45 minutes.

Israeli planes hit Gaza after rocket attack

Israeli planes hit Gaza after rocket attackIsraeli aircraft hit targets in the Gaza Strip on Monday, hours after a rocket fired from the Palestinian territory slammed into southern Israel. "Three bombs were dropped by the air force on a Hamas military base east of Nusseirat refugee camp," south of Gaza city, a Palestinian security source said. The planes also made two raids against Hamas lookout posts along the border with Israel, east of Khan Yunis, and on a base of Islamic Jihad's military wing in the north of the strip, the source said.

The Do’s And Don’t’s of Planning Birthday Parties: Robert Mugabe Edition

The Do’s And Don’t’s of Planning Birthday Parties: Robert Mugabe EditionWho better to guide your birthday party planning than nonagenarian African autocrats?

Tenet Healthcare revenue misses estimates, shares slump

Tenet Healthcare revenue misses estimates, shares slump(Reuters) - Tenet Healthcare Corp's quarterly revenue fell for the first time in six years missing estimates, hurt by weak demand and the hospital operator forecast lower-than-expected full year earnings. Tenet's shares fell 10 percent in extended trading on Monday. The third largest for-profit U.S. hospital operator, which had long-term debt of about $15 billion as of Dec. 31, has been cutting costs and selling hospitals, focusing on raising its hospital unit margins to turn its business around.

Prison for 2 who threatened violence at black child's party

Prison for 2 who threatened violence at black child's partyDOUGLASVILLE, Ga. (AP) — A Georgia judge sentenced two people to lengthy prison terms Monday for their role in the disruption of a black child's birthday party with Confederate flags, racial slurs and armed threats.

Photos of the day - February 27, 2017

Photos of the day - February 27, 2017Female Polar bear cub Nanuq (polar bear in the Inuit language), born on November 7, 2016, is pictured with its mother Sesi during her first presentation to the public to mark International Polar Bear Day at the zoo of Mulhouse, France; A displaced Iraqi woman who just fled her home talks on the phone as Iraqi forces battle with Islamic State militants, in western Mosul, Iraq; and, A performer from the Beija Flor samba school parades during Carnival celebrations at the Sambadrome in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. These are just a few of the photos of the day for February 27, 2017. See more news-related photo galleries and follow us on Yahoo News Photo Tumblr.    

Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 And Galaxy Book Among New Tablet Line Up

Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 And Galaxy Book Among New Tablet Line UpSamsung announced its latest tablet line up at its Mobile World Congress press conference Sunday, including the Galaxy Tab S3.

Everywhere you look there’s a massive Trump bump

Everywhere you look there’s a massive Trump bumpEverywhere you look, there's the Trump Bump. What's the Trump Bump? It's the fresh rise of activism, it's the traffic jumps for online news outlets and it's the pumped-up entertainment industry that we have seen in the month following President Donald Trump's inauguration.  SEE ALSO: An orange alligator exists and people are calling it 'Trumpigator' If you've been wondering how wide Trump's reach actually is and how many industries have been impacted, here are all the things blessed or cursed by the mighty Trump bump. Subscriptions to the 'failing' New York Times Every time Trump hates on media outlets like the New York Times, CNN and NBC News, they get another click. The president's attention means that more people are signing up to get information from these and other trustworthy news sources. In the weeks after Trump's election, the Times saw its paid subscribers reach 2.5 million, per Politico.  Reuters reported Thursday that this past quarter the Times added a record 276,000 new digital subscribers. The Wall Street Journal scored 113,000 new digital subscribers, while the Financial Times' digital subscriptions rose 6 percent. The failing @nytimes talks about anonymous sources and meetings that never happened. Their reporting is fiction. The media protects Hillary! — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) August 14, 2016 Conservative news outlet Breitbart has shot up the charts since Trump became president. This Alexa web traffic data shows the huge jump. Image: alexa CNN, which has been covering practically every moment of the new Trump administration, also saw an Donald Trump boost. The company reported "historical records," with the day after the election as the cable news outlet website's "most trafficked day ever" with 483 million page views. Protests (it's the new brunch) The resistance is growing. Whether it's bodega strikes, a massive Women's March, airport rallies, a Day Without Immigrants and tech company walk-outs, protesting and exercising your first amendment right is becoming an everyday thing. Wikipedia has been tracking anti-Trump protests around the U.S. and world since Election Day and into Trump's presidency. More than two dozen demonstrations have been tracked since Jan. 20, not including the huge turn out around the world for the Women's March. Several big marches are still coming up: A Day Without Women, March for Science, and Tax Day. "Protest is the New Brunch" at 10:30am #LGBTQ solidarity rally in #Seattle. Join #NoDAPL protest Broadway #WellsFargo noon @RefuseFascism — Margo Heights (@eyes2future) February 11, 2017 Hate spike Sadly, social activism isn't the only thing getting a boost this election season. Hateful speech and violence against minorities, immigrants, Muslims, women and more has become more prevalent. In the week and a half after Trump won the election, the Southern Poverty Law Center tracked a hefty 867 hate crimes.  That's a huge chunk in a short amount of time compared to the number of total hate crimes in a year. In 2015, there were 5,850 hate incidents reported the entire year, according to the FBI. In just the week and a half after Trump's win nearly 15 percent of the year's total hate incidents were reported.  Saturday Night Live ratings With Trump in office, SNL sketches and cold opens are featuring a lot more of Trump and his team. Melissa McCarthy's Sean Spicer impression along with Alec Baldwin's Trump impersonation is quite the winning combination. The Feb. 11 show brought in the best ratings in six years at 16 million viewers. When Trump was on the show in 2015 his episode reached only 9.3 million viewers. For other late night shows, covering Trump has also been a boon. Stephen Colbert's Late Show has rocketed to the top in February after trailing behind the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. For two weeks straight, Colbert has pulled in more than 3 million viewers, up from an average of 2.68 million viewers a week in December, according to Nielsen numbers. Colbert's new perch on the top coincides with more coverage of Trump, with the show digging into the president and his decisions.  Pink Yarn After the Women's March, pink cat ear "pussyhats" have become a de facto uniform for the resistance fighting against a Trump administration and the president's policies.  Ahead of the march, finding pink yarn to join in on the popular Pussyhat Project was a struggle. For the upcoming "Day Without Women," pink yarn will no doubt become a scarce commodity once again. Get in early. Pussy strikes back. Image: AP Photo/Elaine Thompson Books about our likely dystopian future Amazon can barely keep up with the demand for certain books. 1984 and the Handmaid's Tale were both unexpected popular sellers in the weeks since Trump took office, with the George Orwell classic sold out online at one point. A San Francisco bookstore was even giving away free copies of the dystopian reads. Trump might not be a big reader, but his 1987 book The Art of the Deal is back in best-seller territory following his big election win. Just this week the book is No. 80 on Amazon's best sellers list for books. Back when Trump announced his candidacy in July 2015 it was way back at No. 1,128. CNN reported the book was No. 1 on Amazon's Entrepreneurship list at the end of 2016. Donald Trump's Art of the Deal is back at the top of the charts 30 years later. Image: Charlie Neibergall/AP/REX/Shutterstock The stock market The stock market and beyond is having its Trump moment too. The Dow Jones, Nasdaq and S&P are at record highs since the election. Markets are up 10 percent since the election.  Even private prison stocks have jumped since Trump won. Stocks for the two biggest private prison companies, CoreCivic and Geo Group, are up 140 percent and 98 percent, respectively, according to CNN. Trump had promised during his campaign to keep contracts with private facilities even after the U.S. Department of Justice said these types of prisons were problematic for inmate safety. Last week, the new Attorney General Jeff Sessions agreed. Private prisons: 1. Prisoner rights: 0. One other business that benefitted from Trump's meddling: Nordstrom. More recently the department store chain saw a small stock bump presumably led by the anti-Trump movement after the president went after the store for dropping his daughter Ivanka's fashion line. Following what many saw as a conflict of interest with Trump targeting the retailer, Nordstrom was met with a flurry of support.  After Trump’s tweet on Feb. 8, Nordstrom stock jumped from a high of $44.54 to $46.07 the next day. In the days and weeks since, the price has creeped up and stayed up. Almost three weeks after the tweet, Nordstrom is now at $47.86. My daughter Ivanka has been treated so unfairly by @Nordstrom. She is a great person — always pushing me to do the right thing! Terrible! — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) February 8, 2017 This whole "Trump tweets about a company" keeps happening so much that there are now apps to alert you when Trump mentions a company — for better or worse. Boeing, Lockheed Martin, General Motors and Toyota are just some of the companies that have gotten the Trump treatment. In Boeing's case this meant a huge drop: within an hour of Trump's tweet, the company's value dropped $4 billion — with a "b." Slovenian tourism With our model-turned-first lady hailing from the eastern European country of Slovenia, it's no surprise her home country is becoming a destination. Even her small hometown is seeing the benefits of a Trump presidency. According to the Slovenian Tourist Board, American tourism has jumped 11 percent in the past year. Thanks, Melania. Welcome to Sevnica, Slovenia! Image: AP Photo/Darko Bandic Trump's wallet Isn't it convenient when your presidency directly affects your family business? Trump's "Winter White House" in Florida saw membership prices double following his inauguration. The initial fee for a Mar-a-Lago membership is now at $200,000. So much for any chance of him actually divesting from his business.  Even more egregiously, Trump Hotels have a plan for nationwide expansion, which would triple the number of his hotels around the country. Donations for days The ACLU has seen donations coming in fast and furious. After Trump's executive order came down limiting travel for refugees and immigrants, donations to the ACLU were through the roof. The organization raised as much money in the last weekend of January, which followed travel ban, as they did in all previous years. That's more than $24 million in a few days. Update: the @ACLU just ran the numbers again. Spokesman says the group received 356,306 online donations totaling $24,164,691 this weekend. — Brian Stelter (@brianstelter) January 30, 2017 As Trump continues to threaten to defund Planned Parenthood, financial support has been coming into that organization as well. Especially helpful is the long list of celebrity pleas asking for support for the health care organization. Celebs, including Katy Perry who donated $10,000, are using Twitter to encourage donations. Indie singer Halsey promised $1 to the organization for every retweet. She ended up giving $100,000.   Lyft riders Inadvertently, Trump's short-lived travel ban gave ride-hailing app Lyft a boost. It's competitor Uber got caught up in a PR nightmare during a taxi strike at JFK International Airport. Once #DeleteUber started trending, Lyft was the unexpected benefactor of Trump's controversial policies. This Lyft chart from App Annie shows how just a whisper of Trump can sway app rankings. Notice that Trump bump at the end of January when the ban was first introduced. Lyft's app rankings sine Trump's inauguration are up and away. Image: app annie The Trump bump is not just relegated to a preponderance of red Make America Great Again hats. It's found in book sales, the Dow Jones, ride-hailing apps and social activism. Trump is actually everywhere. BONUS: Trump claims drugs are cheaper than candy, Americans collectively facepalm

Germany sees "alarmingly high" number of anti-migrant crimes

Germany sees "alarmingly high" number of anti-migrant crimesBERLIN (AP) — Migrants and their homes in Germany faced more than 3,500 attacks in 2016, a number that is "alarmingly high and cause for concern," a German official said Monday, while adding that the crimes are being aggressively prosecuted and the numbers of such attacks are now falling.

Pope makes historic visit to Rome Anglican church

Pope makes historic visit to Rome Anglican churchPope Francis attended a service at the All Saints' Church in Rome on Sunday, becoming the first pontiff in history to visit an Anglican church in the Italian capital. Francis's visit marked the 200th anniversary of the All Saints' church, furthering a rapprochement between the Vatican and the Anglican Church of England that began last year. In a further sign of the closer ties, the pope spoke of the "possibility" of a visit to troubled South Sudan with the Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby, his Anglican counterpart.

President Trump on Obamacare repeal: 'Nobody knew health care could be so complicated'

President Trump on Obamacare repeal: 'Nobody knew health care could be so complicated'Speaking before the National Governors Association at the White House on Monday, President Trump said his administration had come up with an alternative to Obamacare and made the claim that "nobody knew health care could be so complicated."

5 Reasons a Riding Mower Snow Plow Is a Bad Idea

5 Reasons a Riding Mower Snow Plow Is a Bad IdeaAnyone with a lawn tractor or ZTR riding mower who lives in a snowy region has probably pondered the notion of attaching a plow or snow blower to it, especially when the snow falls heavy and deep...

Uber executive quits for not disclosing prior sexual harassment allegation - Recode

Uber executive quits for not disclosing prior sexual harassment allegation - Recode(Reuters) - Uber Technologies Inc's [UBER.UL] senior vice president of engineering, Amit Singhal, has left the company for failing to disclose a sexual harassment allegation, stemming from his tenure at Alphabet Inc's Google , Recode reported, citing sources. Singhal, who was appointed last month to work closely with Uber CEO Travis Kalanick, was asked to resign after Recode informed the company of the allegation this week, the technology news website said.

Officer tried for black man's death: I need public defender

Officer tried for black man's death: I need public defenderCOLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) — The former South Carolina police officer charged with killing an unarmed black man running from a traffic stop said he needs public help paying for his defense.

Transgender wrestler wins Texas championship for girls

Transgender wrestler wins Texas championship for girls(Reuters) - Mack Beggs, a 17-year-old high school wrestler who is transitioning from female to male, took home gold in the 110-weight class of the Texas girls state championship after the state refused to allow the student to compete against boys. The University Interscholastic League, which governs school sports in Texas, said the state's education code allows the use of a banned drug such as steroids if it "is prescribed by a medical practitioner for a valid medical purpose." Beggs' win came days after the Trump administration revoked landmark guidance to public schools letting transgender students use the bathrooms of their choice, reversing a signature initiative of former Democratic President Barack Obama. Beggs, a junior at Trinity High School in the Dallas suburb of Euless, had a 52-0 record ahead of the weekend tournament and was favored to win the high school championship in his weight class.

At $5, our favorite iPhone 7 Plus case just dropped to its lowest price ever

At $5, our favorite iPhone 7 Plus case just dropped to its lowest price ever

In a perfect world, we would all use our iPhones caseless. Apple's gorgeous design on the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus deserves to be shown off, not hidden under a bunch of plastic or even leather. Unfortunately, Apple's latest aluminum iPhones are as slippery as they are sleek, so going "naked" isn't really an option unless you're willing to completely throw caution to the wind.

The next best thing to going caseless is using a paper-thin case that doesn't add any bulk to the phones, but still adds some grip and protects against scratches. And as it turns out, our favorite paper-thin iPhone 7 Plus case — the TOZO Case for iPhone 7 Plus — is on sale right now on Amazon at its lowest price ever.

Here are the highlights from the product page:

  • [Compatible with iPhone 7 Plus 5.5 inch] 0.35mm Thinnest protect case. Simple, elegant. The iPhone 7 Plus 5.5 inch case features a refined design, Maximum keep your iPhone 7 Plus slim and provide scratch protection.
  • MATTE FACE - with matte optical texture, anti-glare(reduced reflection),reducing fingerprints or grease buildup.
  • CAMERA RAISED - Camera hole ring raised protective layer, provide cell phone camera detail protection.
  • PERFECT FIT - Specially designed for iPhone 7 Plus 5.5 inch, has precise cutouts for speakers, charging ports and buttons.
  • Warning Tips: This Case is compatible only for iPhone 7 Plus 5.5 inch phones. It does not fit for iPhone 7 4.7 inch phones. TOZO also have same series for iPhone 7 4.7 inch phones. Please search "TOZO iPhone 7 Case" for the related items.

Note that there appears to be a very limited supply available at the $5 price point. Of course even if this seller runs out, this awesome case is well worth the regular price of $8.99 with free Prime shipping.

Ash Monday celebration

Ash Monday celebrationGreeks traditionally celebrate Clean Monday, or Ash Monday, with a “flour war” in which revelers throw colored flour at each other on the streets. Clean Monday marks the beginning of Lent in the Eastern Orthodox Church calendar, and the start of a 40-day fast until Easter. See more news-related photo galleries and follow us on Yahoo News Photo Tumblr

Sanders Mocks Trump With Inauguration Day Crowd Photos

Sanders Mocks Trump With Inauguration Day Crowd PhotosDonald Trump's administration denied earlier claims by the media that said Barack Obama's inauguration saw more people than his.

Air strike kills key Afghan Taliban commander

Air strike kills key Afghan Taliban commanderAn air strike has killed an Afghan Taliban commander who twice oversaw the capture of a strategic northern city, officials said Monday, in a major blow to the insurgent group. Mullah Abdul Salam Akhund, the Taliban shadow governor in Kunduz province, was killed on Sunday when he was holding a meeting in the volatile Dasht-e-Archi district. "He was killed with five others in the house," said provincial governor Asadullah Amarkhil.

Philippine envoy vows to 'destroy criminals' in UN speech

Philippine envoy vows to 'destroy criminals' in UN speechThe Philippine foreign minister told the UN rights council on Monday that Manila would "destroy criminals" in a defiant defence of President Rodrigo Duterte's drug war. More than 6,500 people have been killed in Duterte's drug war, launched after he took office eight months ago. "It is lamentable that international observers, are more focused on the so-called human rights of criminals but have done nothing to help in eliminating the drug problem that has grown to pandemic proportions," Yasay said.

Japan emperor's Vietnam visit a sign of improved ties

Japan emperor's Vietnam visit a sign of improved tiesHANOI, Vietnam (AP) — When Nguyen Thi Xuan said goodbye to her Japanese husband in 1954, she thought he was going off for a year or two on another long assignment. She never imagined it would be more than half a century before she'd see him again.

Pope suggests 'better to be atheist than hypocritical Catholic'

Pope suggests 'better to be atheist than hypocritical Catholic'Pope Francis delivered another criticism of some members of his own Church on Thursday, suggesting it is better to be an atheist than one of "many" Catholics who he said lead a hypocritical double life. Less than two months after his election, he said Christians should see atheists as good people if they do good.

Sharp vision: New glasses help the legally blind see

Sharp vision: New glasses help the legally blind seeSAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Jeff Regan was born with underdeveloped optic nerves and had spent most of his life in a blur. Then four years ago, he donned an unwieldy headset made by a Toronto company called eSight.

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